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Saturday, August 14

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Ghostworld: Bollywood Noir{click here}

Essays on noir-inflected Bollywood cinema from the 1940s to the present by Gary Sullivan
From *How To Proceed In The Arts*
by Gary Sullivan (Faux Press, 2001)

from *Dream, March 6, 2001*

"John Ashbery looks at me like I'm the most pathetic excuse for a human
being- nevermind poet-on the planet. His voice is dripping with sarcasm
and contempt. "Yeah, " he says, crushing his cigarette beneath his heel, "I've
got a poem on the internet, too."

I feel this rush llke I'm gearing up for one of those "print" versus "web"
discussions, but before I can get a single word out, the great poet grabs me in
a headlock, his breath reeking of cigarette smoke and he says, "Just fucking
write the shit down, man, you've got all night. Write it down. You don't *go* to the
poem, the poem doesn't *come* to you, the poem is *always* there, and if you're
anything like the poet you no doubt imagine you are, you just *write it down*."

There's nothing I can say to that. I look around at the otherwise peaceful
scene, the families and lovers dotting the sloping hillside, and as I turn my
gaze back to meet his, John Ashbery shoves me, face first, into the soil."