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Wednesday, September 10

Last night, I attended the event detailed below. Both Alans performed unforgettably well. Alan Davies read from Book 3 of a 5 part series, this one called BAD DAD. There are 26 copies of this chapbook with sandpaper covers (meant to represent the sands of Iraq, according to the author.) The poem is a personal and emotionally searing indictment of war, and addresses in particular the war in Iraq. The whole poem hit me hard and Alan read it movingly:

"Death is a kind of foreclosure.
An unkind kind
Made more unkind
When its hand is the hand of a man.
They're white men, really,
the ones we might have stopped
or influenced.
They've had a problem, in the past,
with alcohol consumption,
and they're not entirely over it,
not over it at all.
It turns to rage
and four thousand die,
eight thousand, ten thousand,
what does it matter really
as long as the rage is spent....

War is male rape.
Over and over and over and over
and over and over and over and over and over..."

(Other publications
PO Box 687 NYC 10009)

After Alan Davies read, Alan Sondheim
played some great music on synthesizer
with UK trumpet player Leonie Wilson
-a tight and inventive combo. I hope they will keep working
together and do a CD so you can also hear them
play together sometime.

Here's more info on the reading last night
and further info on the series; Brenda Hillman and
Alan Sondheim are planning more readings including

INFO on Upcoming Readings and *last night's* readers and performers
at the Flying Saucer



TUESDAY, September 9, 7:00, At the FLYING SAUCER CAFE in BROOKLYN -

(See below for details)

ALAN DAVIES is the author of several books including CANDOR, RAVE and
SIGNAGE. At present, he lives in New York. His poetry neither expels nor
avoids any of reality. A dynamic of inner ideal and inner mind links up with
all substance, all happening, all being. He'll be reading and talking about
his latest output, a group of war poems.

LEONIE WILSON recently moved to Brooklyn from Edinburgh in Scotland. Plays
trumpet, has worked with numerous jazz/big bands.

ALAN SONDHEIM works in sound, text, video, image, internet, etc. He thinks
his early records with ESP-DISK were a disaster. He promises to do better
this time.


The Flying Saucer Cafe series pares up new media artists with poets who
instead of giving a reading present a talk relating to their poetry and


We will be having readings the first Tuesday of each month (September an
exception). Please come and support us!

Contact Brenda Iijima or Alan Sondheim for further information.
Brenda Iijima
Alan Sondheim (sondheim@panix.com)

The Flying Saucer is located at 494 Atlantic Ave. between Nevins and 3rd
Avenues, in Brooklyn. You can subways to the Pacific or Atlantic stops,
including the 2, 3, 4, 5, W, N, R, Q, and anything else that runs there.

Telephone at the Flying Saucer Cafe is 718-522-1383.