Distribution Automatique

Saturday, September 13


Open the door and you might find nothing.
This is what makes it so hard.

You're going to be talking to somebody and therefore
listening to somebody.

The present: next thing to do is remember
something in the past in order to present it in
the future-which is now-which is then-
which is now.

It doesn't stop. You don't need to pay it
any mind. It won't stop. I won't mind.

Now I'm moving away from you and at the same time
wondering why you're not moving towards me.

As you're moving toward me to explain
it to me, I move toward you to
explain it to you. Moving
away from each other like
Groucho Marx watching himself jump away from
himself in a mirror in *Duck Soup.*


Having heard only lies all our
lives, we must assume the truth is
unintelligible and start from there. It's
like panning for gold and not knowing
what gold looks like.