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Friday, September 12


I am out of that. For now.

All art has to say to me is:
*You are allowed to be
who you are*
You (are allowed to) or
You know what you know.
You are allowed to be who you *were*.
What I did was
go back to the beginning.
Art should start over and over-
Gertrude Stein almost right
No *repeat* (which is
mechanical, futile, empty)
but start, begin, again and
again- tracing the steps
over and over, thinking it forwards
and backwards, over and over-
not "over" and "over"- but again.

I said this. Did I say this?
I said this. To whom? I said
this. You said what? I said
this. I said, saying to someone
saying to myself, I said it.

I said it because I wanted to
say it, I felt it, when I said
it? Said what? Doesn't matter.

It is the saying I wanted. Almost saying
it, I said it. Going back, again, to the
beginning, which is starting over, which is
starting at all. I said it, feeling it, and knowing it.
I wanted to say it. Nothing happened
afterwards. I said it and therefore, no
afterwards, or, the afterwards was a different
kind of time. I said it in that tone,
it happened and it ended. But going back,
remembering, starting from the beginning, with
the utterance itself, not saying it, I said
it. Therefore no beginning= no end, beginning
again= feeling it. Not remembering
*it*, but the wanting to do it, the
needing to do it, is the saying, was the
saying. A simple way to begin again,
to keep starting, to keep starting again
and again, which permits each stopping
and all the hesitations, pauses,
remembrances. I said it and it happened.
I felt it and I said it.

4/26/82 Title: Scanning

I begin with a word which reflects
a thought. The word I begin with occurs
with the thought. I start where I start.
I start with a word, a word for a

Scanning the whole language-
an instructional lmanual for scanning.

I thought of it first as computer
instructions- instructions for
programming the computer to scan the
language by reading it aloud (allowed).


Topher Tune's Times...Christy Church points to Exit Wound a photo blog.


Hadn't taken a walk around Wood s Lot lately. What have I been missing? Jackson Mac Low, Ben Shahn, Lyn Hejinian, Igor Savchenko, and more, that's what! (Takes an extra moment to download, but it's well worth it)

How 'bout a swig of Whiskey River?

"It is believed by most
that time passes;
in actual fact,
it stays where it is.
This idea of passing may be called time,
but it is an incorrect idea,
for since one sees it only as passing,
one cannot understand that it stays just where it is."
- Dogen Zenji


This just in from Pantaloons: Tykes on Poetry... Jack Kimball: new books by Li Bloom (!!!) Brenda Iijima and others.