Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, September 10


Thought is approximate.

"In this dream you say goodbye to everyone."

There are old records we play in our
heads that we've long ago dismissed as
incredible. Yet sometimes (less and less
often) we listen to them not really
believing anything but the words themselves.
Even the scratches on that old record are
part of what we still listen to although
the story itself has long ago ceased to
have any plausability.


You won't value the sanity
within until you've faced the
insanity outside. You won't
find the sanity outside until
you've faced the insanity within.


More than anything else, reading
makes it possible to freely
imagine what it
might feel like to be other than
who you are at this moment.
This feeling, in turn, leads to
another- that everything about your
own life you have selected-
summarized in Toni's maxim "You
create your own reality."

All present experience is overlaid
with memories. Reading is also
the best way (other than psychoanalyzing)
to become aware of this.


Who couldn't do with some "Irises in Sun" right now? See Topher Tune's Times...Christy Church


Toni, Nada, Gary and me having lunch on the boardwalk at Brighton Beach seen through the eyes of Katie Degentesh seen through the eyes of our Daumier Gary Sullivan