Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, September 10


A form of wandering includes
losing one's bearings but
may bring me closer to
surprise. Of course, all
too often it feels like
"there's no way to get
there from here." By
definition it is a form
of remembering, bringing
me close to something or
someone unexpected. Like
coming across the "feathers
in the files" in my
dream. "So that's where the
feathers in the files comes from." I was
surprised, but somehow I
had expected it.

Ready to face something
means ready to do something.

TO is virtual poetry. All
the materials for poetry have
been presented wtihin a supporting
atmosphere- an emotional tonality
is supplied. Still
this all consists of music
only. What is not supplied is
a musician or the
occurance of a playing, a
concert. This is all left to
the reader. So, there are
blanks- which can only be
filled in by the readerly
imagination. Although it acts
like one- this is not only a
puzzle, though there are
puzzling aspects and there are
possible solutions. In the end,
there are only readerly
solutions, each one, though,
slightly different from the
last. this is an invitation
to create the dance, in
order to hear the music.
The actors and characters are only too
willing to come on stage, but
only the reader can call them
to order. Ever after being called in, they
are certainly a surly
lot. There are sullen
loners in there who are
not all that interested
in communication- but
these too probably will
make themselves available
at a certain point if the reader
is persistent.

Again and again the reader
seems to be at a precipice, an
ending point- where only
incoherencies seem
capable of living or existing. If this
is so, then let these
be too, in order for
them to have the
thin atmosphere of
such stratospheric latitudes so
to be seen or felt
to play their part.

Anything can supply a
narrative- a story can be
built around anything. Just
as in life, one has to
go through the entire cycle
of feelings and perceptions
once a specific story-
(or image-complex) is
opened. At any entrance, of
course, the reader can go in
any direction. This is established
mostly by what appears
inviting- though this isn't to
say that this is all
insubstantial. Evanescent,
at times, but not insubstantial.