Distribution Automatique

Saturday, August 2

Thanks Johanna for posting part of my poem from
my collaboration with Stephanie Young

Here are two more, Johanna.

Stephanie Young



It's no surprise
my nose is full
at the box office
I want to seat you
& then disappear.
Is it so impossible
to fly? The people I love
are laid up in chairs
& still, they manage to evade me!
What my head said
is hidden. Tells me to pray for compassion.

* * * * *

Nick Piombino


Sensibilities Lost

Off in the creases, the left-furthest
corner, a small voice hidden among
the noise.

How to even get the time to breathe,
let alone to feel.

Do you want to when it's time-
(the only access). What else
would time be?

Fishing through thousands of things
to come up with the one.