Distribution Automatique

Thursday, July 31

Stephanie Young and Nick Piombino
Postcard Collaboraton
forthcoming from
Cafe Expresso

Stephanie Young
4/2/03 Day 2

Colors #2

To go slowly enough
the image passes by
and doesn't notice my "whoooo"
in extravagant denims.
That these dreams should be
difficult work to write nothing
but ratchet the night
into a bluer tablet
upon which we are inscribed.
Day is a glut of prepositions
and makes "the great head" ache.
Yet I park cars, I have parked cars, the car of imagination
is parked all over Manhattan.

Nick Piombino

The treasures weren't
hidden, they were in plain
view all the time.

Like smoke, impatience
blinded you,
and you closed your eyes.