Distribution Automatique

Friday, August 1

Rick Moody describing the 70's in "The Ice Storm":

"No answering machines. And no call waiting. No Caller
I.D. No compact disc recorders or laser discs or holography
or cable television or MTV. No multiplex cinemas or word
processos or laser printers or modems. No virtual
reality. No grand unified theory or Frequent Flyer milage
or fuel injection systems or turbo or premenstrual syndrome
or rehabilitation centers or Adult Children of Alcoholics.
No codependency. No punk rock, or postpunk,
or hardcore, or grunge. No hii-hop.
No Acquired Immone Deficiency Syndrome or
Human Immunodeficiency Virus or mysterious Aids-like
illnesses. No computer viruses. No cloning or genetic
engineering or biospheres or full-color photocopying and especially no
facsimile transmission.No perestroika. No Tinnamen
Much was in the recent past. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin,
and Jim Morrison were in the recent past..."