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Sunday, July 6

Six Degrees of Separation Dep't

I hope this does not embarrass her, but Stephanie Young happened to mention to me in a recent letter that she had just watched a James Bond movie (she was not particularly thrilled about his, by the way.) Now, assuming Sean Connery was in this one, his name seems to keep popping up in my life in significant ways. Yesterday,Toni and I went to see -the Hulk- with the friends we are visiting, Martin and Myrna Tamny. Their son Mark Tamny, who lives in Berkeley, happens to work in the area of movie animation. A movie about to be released that he worked on is called "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman," starring Sean Connery. But also, not long ago my good friend Charles Bernstein had a role as a High School principal in "Finding Forrester," starring, of course, Sean Connery.