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Monday, July 7


This file: my life

This life, my file

This life, my file
Remember this some other way

The melting pot- non-
melting pot theory
of American conservatism

Perhaps this deep
narcissistic injury
Also generates an
outrage which *must*
With characteristic
Japanese (Buddhist-
servile, passive)

Listen to the echo-
repeat yourself slowly
(Rosalind Krauss,
Douglas Hofstadter)
Retain the private
language, while
using the public language
"Don't analyze, utilize"
says AAA
totally whacked-out
(in there, part of the
truth)-not the oddball
who anybody might
want to know about
but nobody wants to
but everybody wants to know
not true- as madness
as your want- prized by-
with analysis- so at
least I could remember
what I thought- *that's*
a minimum value
one thought- but I don't
have to explain it *right* now
a second thought: quickly,
so as to remember
as much as
also- in the right
vein, you only need a

-With Einstein, with
Freud, as with so
many other -[crossed out]

The most important
minds attract vast
numbers of followers
in a sense, this has
become the gauge of a
great mind. This fact
generates a important
problem.Whatever field
of experience such a
mind focusses on- such
as the atom, or
sexuality, or love,
for vast amounts of
time after such a
discovery, vast
numbers of minds
assay the same field.

The wonderful thing
about succession is that
once started, a certain
predictable form will
show up when this
system of ordering is
applied that relates very
expectably to space and
time. Variance from the
*focus* on interval leads
to variance from the
focus on succession
which leads to focus
on previously uncharted
territiories.Whatever we
can know about a
not yet completely
understood area must
be very little. All
great speculations have
been built on that
little bit.
For example: Jesus
built his centuries long
following on his zeroing
in on love as a
major factor. Freud
chose sex (or more
generally, pleasure)