Distribution Automatique

Monday, July 7

1/29/86 (1)

Duhem- Like the auteur
theory of film- this
is like an auteur theory
of theory

On individual observation- the
authenticity of the observation
depends on the authenticity
(entitlement) of the confirming

On Generalized Observation-
The originator's authenticity
must be established *over
time* as time is needed
to confirm such observations
in the innumerable calculations
needed to confirm such a
theory- to establish the
authenticity of each
calibration is- in
some ways- a bureaucratic
problem of authorization-

Thus error is
attributable to malformations
in group participation and
is traceable to a system
of exchanges which has been'

Cetainty of observation is
always a function of time-

"Authority" is related to
Hoftadter's notion of "the
sphexish"- as in
Lincoln's political dictum
"You can feel some of the
people all of the time
and all of the people some of
the time
but not all of the people-
all of the time"

The 20th Century is replete
with examples of false
authority (Hitler, Mussolini,
Nixon, Lenin)- innumerable examples
of "witch hunting"
of endangered authority
(M.L.K., Ghandi,
John Lennon)

The attempt to garner
power in order to
confirm "wild theories"--
replete with examples-
the "Kool Aid" Guru-