Distribution Automatique

Monday, July 7

1/29/86 (2)

For theory to crystallize
a *group* effort is
therefore superior in some ways-
protectng the individual
from dangers-
yet the individual-
unencumbered by the
timidities of the group-
is better able to challenge
the autonomously charged
authoritarianism- residing
in the individual-
The group-clustered
individual has replaced this

Theoretical scientist
"leading" experimentalists-

Thus- the "small group"
system has evolved-
(Jesus and 12 followers-etc)
The limitations of such an
approach being that the
leader(s) must bow to the the
superior anticipations of the

In literature- the idea of
an "independent" operator
assaying the field is now

Rather than project a hero
who rises in the ranks-
the anti-hero breaks from
the ranks- to propose
independent authenticating
maxims- thus combining
individual observations and
maximum freedom of generalizations-

Thus the hero is more
than ever endangered by
*loss of reality* in
discovering authenticity-
Doubt must in this situation
be overcome by individual
comprehension (psychoanalysis)
*Authentification In
Contemporary Discovery

Sages anonymous:

"That's the way the ball

"That's the way the
cookie crumbles"

[Jury duty followed by
-building construction-
3 days and 2 days and
3 days- can't do my
work here-]
Quote from I ching in