Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, July 8


writing- criticism- the aura of a story pulling you
in- the intellectual- the emotional- pulling you in-
free association- Freud- honesty- directness- taking
responsibility for the unconscious- if someone
dreams something- whose responsibility is it?-
each person is one- the illusion of extending this-
can't be done- the growth of the idea of an
equivalence between inner freedom and outer freedom-
what I know equals what I am?- the various
types of knowing- Christianity-God as a
multiple identity (father- son- Holy Ghost)-
Holy Ghost- mother seen but not heard- also- Female
as absence- the illusion of a development- the
illusion of scale- bigger being more powerful,
for example- language and precision versus language
as evocation- can it be more?- time/timing-
the Other as medium for the self-
writing/criticism; self/other; genius as resistance;


Analysis is "group analysis" because of the interconnectedness
of all relationships- the artist is the culture's
analyst- the antipathy between analyst and artist

relativity of time and space


relative to what------experience

place of battle---Oedipal conflict
# of words----experience

moving from *here* to *here*
sequence vs development

change---facing conflict----movement----resistance
to movement- movement-"embracing"--conflict

Letter Freud to Lou-Andreas Salome 2/4/19

"I must make a vigorous protest against
your riposte. What has happened to my
*metapsychology*? In the first place it
has not been written. The systematic
working through of material is not
possible for me. The fragmentary nature
of my experiences and the sporadic
character of my insights do not permit it."