Distribution Automatique

Saturday, July 12

On the 5th month anniversary of opening -fait accompli- my computer crashed- spinning beachballs unending. It is possible I will need a new hard drive-which is fortunately covered by Apple care. But to recover the data will be an extra $350 please (not covered). I am posting this on a rental ibook, another $175. O, please forgive my complaining peeps, but I am a little freaked out. I have to whine to somebody because Toni is whining to me and has all the computer skills!

Meanwhile, I didn't know until 5 minutes ago that my good friend David Hess had posted my letter to him about his recent comments about my good friend Jim Berhle. Thanks, David and thanks, Jim.

Now Toni, after slaving all morning to get us back on line while I was taking a nap would like me to join her in Central Park on this beautiful day for a cup of tea. I'd like to say more to you peeps, or even do a spot of time travel today, but she missed out on a trip to Coney Island because the computer is in the shop and I am all thumbs when it comes to all things geek (not really, I'm just lazy, but don't tell Toni).

See you later! (I can't wait to read your blogs!)