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Saturday, February 22

The problem with the concept of the "current" time is that it entirely off-sets the relevance of future and past events. Thoughts are current= feelings exist with more or less long "holds"-like the continuity of a "bass" line in music. A more random concept of historical informational material than linear chronological ordering world afford a "recycling" of past events. That is- try to apply a "free associational" concept to events. Use a diary and record events-write about thoughts and events. then alphabetize the various subsections. Then shuffle the letters. Let the order of letters be chosen randomly- but be combined by conscious comparison. Pick a ltter (an event). Now look through the remaining letters. Which one(s) resonate? Now put the remaining batch back. Use the randomization to afford the possilbility of a re-connection. I was wondering about "lost books." Like Tom Phillip's use of "The Human Document" to recreate the Humament.This is a method of reclamation by random processes. As the amount of world information astrononomically increases every moment- the amount that os "covered over" is also astronomical. (Computers are now being used to deal with this problem-seperate question). One factor very difficult to track and therefore the method of the apperceptions is very difficult to pin down but significance is very subtly- and geometrically- accumulative. This is so regularly true that it is a very special talent to see into the future. But the ability to see into the future is- to a great extent- a simple and direct funtion of a readiness to acknowledge the present {predict the future by seeing the present and acknowledging the past }. Predict the future by acknowledging to yourself what you feel.

To see the future
Acknowledge what's happened.
Now what's possible

Time, previous time, is going by. Not so precious- as if there is any, there is enough.

Time- if there is any, there is enough (so, again- first the sloppy beginnings, awkward moments preceding smooth understanding, the ruffling of feathers as one setles int a spot.

First,: a literary experience along the lines you want them to have. Th\s is an approximation. (3/10/86)


Earn the right to step back and theorize (that is also in another story).