Distribution Automatique

Saturday, February 22

Always two thoughts at once. I think there's a way to "catch up" by a gentle rocking movement from and toward (which, at last, amounts to the same as other ways, that is, going backwards and forwards, past and present). Which is another way of saying "hover over it,"
which another way of saying "evoke it"
which is another wway of saying "wait and don't wait"
which is another way of saying "learn to recognize voices"

I'm imagining standing over a vague spot which represents another vague spot in the imagination. See? Somewhere in the middle there's only one way out, but that way, built as it is on the INSIDE of the middle of a sentence gets us to discover a sense to the side of what is happening (art a type of perseveration, a power play, a skip and a jump to call a hope (e) something else.) To repeat- which is a way, etc. Slides down to revealing (parentheticallly brave, an epicurean singularity, a s(i)mile. Yes, but, ready to return, or just alright, decibels or decimals, the anger just subsiding, another wave. If it's a choke, see the opast as a sliding trombone, tones disappearing as part of an harmonic, years seen constantly against the future's persistent dream, awakening again alongside momentary signs. Even when you've listened, you've listened in a certain tone of voice, dissolving the point of a decision, forgetting an instance to a stair. The marketplace single rule: giving a higher price raises attention to the product- a lower price raises attention- the attention of "easy" axquisition. But, then again "taste" or "intelligence" often consisits of hyponotic attention to the "highest price," "the highest valule," "the unique," "the authentic." Either way, the prize goes to the highest bidder=- or the quickest. The now? (6/1/86)