Distribution Automatique

Saturday, February 22

Obviously, energy is exchanged by means of light (Velvet Underground-"I'm beginning to see the light." By memory of "reflection" the mind comprehends the otherwise incomprehensible energy pattern of other minds. By means of "reflection" entities translate the information- a message of light.

There comes a time whena transitional point is reached that a perceiving mechanism can still extract energy from a source of information but the elements of this source are inchoherent to a nearby perceiving mechanism. This extraction of energy is actually an exchange of energy. The perceiving mechanism draws energy from the fact that the increasing dispersion of the points by the perceiving mechanism and retruned by pattern retrieval to a temporally anterior state (1/11/86)

There may be sujch a thing as a time shift (as described by the previous passage).. This time shift may be brought about by a perceiving mechanism reconstructing an already decayed signal and expeeriencing this pattern recognition as a regeneration of energy (a regeneration of the formerly expired burst of energy.

This transitional energy may also funtion as a trigger mechanism. Something is needed to convey energy f rom one point to another point. Once it is conveyed a process is needed to change the energy from one form to another form.