Distribution Automatique

Saturday, February 22

Definitely part of it has to be walking through that dark hallway, bumping around, trying to find the handle to the door to the other time zone (the door to the time machine)

In the world of fantasy, anything is possible. In the world of possibility, anything is fantasy. the world of fantasy no longer exists, because fantasy has become possibility.This is one outcomeof the split between science and art, that is gradually dissolving. Two things do not become one. What happens is that the boundary between two aspects of one thing is becoming one thing again. The human is again on the way to becoming one thing because some of the splits are being healed. (1990)

"I imagine when we reach the boundaries of things set for us, or even before we reach them, we can see into the infinite, just as on the surface of the earth we gaze out into immeasurable space." (Lichtenberg)

'It cannot be denied that the word "nonsense" if spoken. with the appropriate face and voice, has something that yields little or nothing to the words "chaos" and "eternity" themselves. One senses a shock whilch, if m y feelings do not deceive me, originates in a "fuga vacui" of the human understanding" (Lichtenberg).

"If people would recount their dreams honestly, character could be divined more easily from themm than from the face."
(Lichtenberg- 1775/1776)

"As soon as one begins to see all in everything what one says usually becomes obscure. One begins to speak with the tongues of angels" (Luchtenberg)

"I am convinced we do not love ourselves in others, but hate ourselves in others too."(LIchtenberg)

"Ideas too are a life and a world." (Lichtenberg)

"I again commend dreams; we live and experience in dreams as ell as we do when awake...The dream is a life which, combined with the rest of our life, constitutes what we call human life. Dreams merge gradually into our waking state..." (lichtenberg)