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Saturday, February 22

Johnson, of Edward's criticism of Warburton: "Nay (Edward) has given him some smart hits to be sure; but there is no proportion between the two men...Af fly, sir, may sting a stately horse and make him wince, but one is but an insect and the other a horse still." {Bos. 1754 (n)}


How contradictions can live side byside- hard to bring this to light in formal language- which is designed to provide an image of orderly development-music more easily accomodates the inclusion of abrupt reversals of emotion and contradictory forces arising from a common root, coexisting,, and accompanying each other through endless mazes of combination and change- (8/5/92)

The friend and the other friend.Written in the form of aphorisms,maxims of {asides-910/92}

When publishers fail, they fail at being readers.
When readers fail, they fail at being listeners.
When writers fail, they fail at being lovers

So much is assumed. More is framed by the manner in which you tell it. One of the reasons why it's a good idea to travel outside the U.S. once in awhile. If you can afford to read a book by someone else other than an American, a person of your own general background and race and education.This is when are reminded of the now (sadly) clliched idea that everything said is an echo os something (everything) else. We knew this before, Roland Barthes told us this, this is why it was so exhilirating to hear him talk about things that had long been obvious but by his enthusiasm, charm and occasional rigor, became THRILLING.

We appreciate existing forms because they are in s as to how feel about them. As Jerome Sala puts it: "I'm fascinated with mixing old conflicts I hardly understand, thus coming up with something "new" and calling it a take. There's something boss about it all. Something that makes you think you're part of something bigger than yourself.. Something that makes you think there are commands and definitions you can follow...and solve thet riddle of your life...But it doesn't work. You feel boxed in, then suddenly nailed to a cross." ("Mach" from "The Trip,P p. 70.

I have to read in order to write, I have to hear in order to speak, I hage to listen in order to be able to talk, I have to talk in order to be able to think, I have to think in order to be able to feel, I have to feel in order to want to do anything. If I could read all the books I like at one time this woud approximate what I want to think about.them. And this would certainly consist of thinking about more than one thing at a time.The only time I think about one thing at a time is when I write. Which is whyit is so tedioius so much of the time to do- and to think about. It takes too much time away from thinking about everything and everyone at one time.

Soluitions as proposals: Each word will stand for an entire idea, a sentence, or perhaps a whole conversation or experience.



"how are you?"

"I'm alright."

"You want to sit down?"


"What was that you were reading?"

"Oh, a book of poems."

Hands it to her.

She reads: "Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke."

"Why is his middle name a woman's name?"

"I don' t know. I remember his mother was supposed to have dressed him up like a girl when he was a child."

She reads: "Who has not sat anxious/before the curtain of his heart."

(sing) "Dream The Impossible Dream, write the Impossible Poem, Stop The Impossible Sorry,And Go Home The Impossible Home, This Is My Life, My Writing and Name, Take It Or Leave It, And Make It No Blame."