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Saturday, February 22

{Before this, there was an earlier version, something about sets of words being portraits of themselves., A pre-history of the idea. The complete loss of pubishability occurs if the link closes and the text hasn't been selected yet. This is what Henry Miller called remembering to remember. In order to be published you have to remember to select yourself before you lose your connection with the server. I realize that with a link through cable this wouldn't happen. Imagine telling a blogger not to "rush into publication.:* Blogging for Dummies*.}

1. Partialize the solution, even iff you can only see the problem itself in all its dimensions.Whatever the solution is, even if it could be enacted all at once, the event would occur over time. By partializing you captialize on the fact that at a given moment a p;erson has onl so much strengthon so much time and attention, and other elements are always crowding in on you at a particular moment. (12/9/94))

{What would it take for these two entirely separate categories to find a way to coexist in a boundary zone between two such immensely diffferent categories of habitation. What if a word and a human being decided tthey wanted to be together? .What do I mean by "be together." Well, I mean "be together" in the same way two human beings want to be together. Except one of them was a word and one of them was a human being. What would it mean If the himan being were to ask this lifeless object if somehow it could try to find a way to communicate across two such completely different realms? What would have to happen first? First, the two would have to find a way to see each other.They woulld have to each be aware that the other dimension was out there. The two would have to find a way to communicate their sameness and their differences.The two, would have to be able to regard each other with hopes of success in making some kind of actual contact. Just to start, just a tiny flicker of connection. This would require some degree of sage awareness on the part of the word and the person so that they could always accept and be patient about their incrediby differing contexts of experience and existence.. What is it that keeps drawing the two together so much? What was it that made the two constantly find a way to be together far beyond the simple pragmatic "uses" they had of each other? Of course it had to be iwithin poetry that words and human beings could find time to really connect,, sounding out a full range of the hearable frequenciest}.

Time is a commodity that works for you or against you.
The earlier you put thte sauce on the stove, the sooner it will get cooked

How do you get out of the cave of writing?.