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Tuesday, November 25

Salaam Pax posted this message from Raed yesterday on
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What do we have to be thankful for?
As an electorate, we still have the power
to stop all this.

I hope!

:: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 ::

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. I am angry now ..
I AM angry .. and "THEY" come and ask you
"why don't you like us?" ... I will tell you why ..
>>>> I was just stopped by an
american check point .. they let me
stand under the rain .. in the mud ..
for more than 15 minutes .. a soldier
pushed me in a very strong way that
I nearly fell down, and the other was
investigating me: Why do you have
a camera in your car? haaa? !!!!!!
What the hell !!! I mean !! duh ??
I have a camera? why not? then came
the other americano with a smile
asking me: do you film porn? and
I heard that but I said: what sir?
and he replied: PORN pee ooo are enn ,,
ha ha ha .. (is that funny?) ..
Soldiers stopping people in the EID
(these are the Muslims' festival days)
asking them whether they film porn
and pushing them in mud ..
Soldiers are not the best
representatives of any culture ..
Grrrh ///////////// (new paragraph)
SALAAAAM?! where the peep are you?
I'll change the title to WHERE IS SALAM..
call me for god's sake .. stronso
:: raed 6:59 PM [+] ::