Distribution Automatique

Friday, November 28


Travel light. Cut your
losses. Take a deep
breath. Search within.
Take a break. It ain't
necessarily so. Log in at
the labyrinth. Cover your
bets. Take a warm coat.
Button your fly. Smooth your
dress. Zip up
your jacket. Say grace.
Eat your greens. Watch
your weight. Make sure
to check in. Balance your
checkbook. File your
papers. Complete the
form. Mail in the
application. Get your
diploma. Be on time.
Vote your conscience. Say
your prayers. Be cool.
Be nice. Assert yourself.
Say your prayers. Don't
get mad. Don't get me
wrong. Watch your
tongue. Brush your
teeth. Smell my
breath. Be a team
player. Be a good
boy. Be a good girl.
Change your clothes.
Don't clash your
colors. Set your
clock. Tell the truth.
Pay your bills. Tuck me
in. Be polite. Don't
rain on my parade. Clip
your nails. Tuck in
your shirt. Comb
your hair. Count your
change. Don't
rub it in. Be cool.
Be fair. Be nice. Be
honest. Be good.
Don't be late. Don't
argue. Don't get mad.
Don't interrupt. Don't
be a bore. Do not
disturb. Knock first.
Don't stare. Don't raise
your voice. Lock the
door. Put your stuff
away. Don't litter.
Salute the flag. Support
the troops. Pay your
taxes. Count your
blessings. After you.
Good luck. Good night.
good morning. Don't use

Small World Dep't

"I've just got to stop blogging for five minutes and
read," I told myself, so I headed downstairs, put on
some water for decaf and opened up my favorite book
to read just now, "A day in the life of p." by Kari
Edwards.I read it for half an hour or so, and loved
every moment. But temptation got the best of me:
" I know, I'll just go check my site meter and
see who's been by. Five minutes, that's it."

So thanks to Boynton, Blue Kangeroo
and, guess who, transdada
for all your kind words about the recent posts on
::fait accompli:: and for directing people there...
(That's right, transdada is Kari Edwards).
As Ann Waldman once put it in a fine poem:
"No way out, no way, no way."

Anyway, hi all, and, now, back to reading
"A day in the life of p." And if it's ok
with Kari, maybe I'll put up a few quotes
from, well, the best sci-fi I've seen since
Phillip K. Dick a little later...