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Wednesday, November 26

from *Lamplights Used to Feed the Deer* by Lynne Dreyer
Some of Us Press

"...You are forgoing many
obstacles and how a letter now
and then would not suffice and
if this would what kind of human
being I would be.

You left your footprints. You
left yhour face. You came back
from the sandfilled land. I knew
you would and suddenly you
were not wearing those ridicu-
lous things but looked as I had
seen you the first time. Body
outstretched, hand holding the
head. small poses. I am going

Where is that?
Best of this world.
Light on the printed word.

You face the people on the
streets. They look at you side-
ways they look at you straight.
They look at you they try to
look through you they can not
see. You try to be one of the
fish we saw at the acquariam.
The ones you could see through
You fall to cover yourself again..."