Distribution Automatique

Thursday, August 7

Two poems from my postcard book with Stephanie (forthcoming from Cafe Expresso)

Stephanie Young

Onion Ring

Another exotic clock- I'm wrong
again, I can't be so blase
in the face of yr embodied
futures. "I'll take the teapot
from work" & I should decide
what I'm doing for food, shd
notice yr thoughts
propelling me always
too far forward? Too far
pronouns have got me
stranded in time-In time I'll be 5
in time for clock of a party standing exactly behind me

Nick Piombino

Terror confuses one and delights
another. Late for the party, open
the windows. Hungry, hankering,
halting, hopeless. They eyes have
it, the eyes hate it. But don't
explain it now, hide and cover
your tracks. Attractions burn
and melt away, creating a tunnel
between wanting and waiting.
Go between. A bridge to its