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Sunday, August 3

Stephanie Young invited a group of us first to go to a fine tapas restaurant on Valencia and 18th Street (Stephanie, Catherine, Taylor, Bill, Octavia, Toni and me)(see Porthole Redux ....Catherine Meng for a wrap-up of the dinner conversation) and then a few of (Stephanie, Bill, Octavia, Toni and me) went to see Stephanie's partner Clive Worsley play the part of Buddy Joe in Sara Moore's witty and charming comedy "The Supers" directed by Amy Mueller with music by Marc Ream and dramaturg assistance by Nancy Maloney. Nick, the super, was played by Kevin Blackton, Gabby by Sara Moore and The Girl by Nova Dague. After the play, Clive explained to us that this work was conceived, written, rehearsed and staged during the course of the 26th Bay Area Playwright's festival! (Two self-effacing assistants and their friend, constantly bullied by their boss Nick, an insensitive and "not the brightest bulb on the string" super, eventually figure their way into standing up to him and actually receiving an apology.) This hilarious and touching one act play, replete with some wonderful out-of-nowhere Bollywood style song and dance bits, is memorable for its likable characters, their laugh-out-loud interactions and their life-affirming relationships. All the acting was excellent and Clive Worsley and Sara Moore's acting work together was particularly outstanding. Our little group of bloggers and their companions agreed this was a terrifically enjoyable play and a great evening, as planned by the inimitable Stephanie!