Distribution Automatique

Thursday, August 7


On a walk to the office:

A) That I was reliving something going out cold and w/o change- untied shoes.
1) Criticism replaced assertions.
2) [You can't tell a book by its
cover]= small things bringing about
big results (Cole)- The thought
was -actualization (materialization)
The scale of actualization does not
necessarily give an indication of the
scale of the form- (This is
an idea of this thought)
3) The idea of micro-narratives
a few related events examined
closely for doubling, tripling or
other resonance
4) A thought about quitting smoking
5) Forgetting glasses- no new chairs


I got upset numerous times today. My
first thought is- I had a lot of
money to bank. Also- I was looking
for a check when I dumped over the t.v.
I wanted the money= a house and
we need a house. All of this, a result of
a growing sense of how to assert myself

Again-criticism= the failure of an

Yesterday I patiently recounted the
thoughts I had on the way to getting my
glasses from the office.



I needn't sort out
My world in inches
Or measure my life
In years or feet.

A certain intention
In whatever dimension
Will be remembered
As sour or sweet.


So go back and connect and add thought...
At some point I came to the conclusion to
just let it unfold...at times, it seems,
I had already known what it means to be
dead...Bruce mentioned the polar ice caps
and I mentioned that Ed Bowes liked the book
*Alone*...I went to the library to find Alone...
to be alone?...[leave time for the punctuation...]

Writing offering us a chance to think about
the ought to be rather than the Is (thinking
about Platoon)...
Lately I keep thinking that it doesn't
really take much of anything for us to
be sure it's there- so writing easily
responds to "touches" (all artistic media)

Touchings? In the
Jane Goodall sense?

LIke sex, art offers us "touchings" ways
that we can feel each other's presence in
the world and to sensitize each other to
each others touchings of other things. The
sexual apparatus gives us an organ whereby
we can feel the emanations of another's
presence in an overwhelmingly powerful
way. Through these
touchings we offer each other an
experience of boundlessness. In the
sexual and artistic release, we touch
upon the boundless potential of some
actuality, through the medium of direct