Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, August 5


As I watch the conductor lead the orchestra
(in what I believe to be Sibelius) I've
not yet heard the announcement
his use of the reed
instruments and the flutes in contrast with
the string brass woodwinds
he uses the various areas of experience:
flutes: the natural
landscape, tumultuous emotions

natural landscape-flutes
the naked passions- woodwinds

The orchestra draws the various instruments
together as a unity, but it is
the conductor that embodies the
unifying identities- [some identities
lowering themselves, making themselves to be

The parts are drawn together into
a unified whole by virtue of a
central guiding agency which blends
all the attributesofeach individual
contributor of energy.


/ / / / / / /

an hour



minutes "become" hours by means
of the unifying greater "identity." Yet
each individual aspect, like each
area of the orchestra, as in the Sibelius
Symphony (still not named)
retains its individual essence,
astoundingly, but the very same
greater agency that unified it.
The "agency"is really the onlooker,
that very small part the takes
into itself the job of coordination,
and by that means supervises
this construction. And we, the
rest of the audience,admiringly
watch onwhile the leader, in a
state of contained, yet steady
exaltation which brings all these
underlying great and gigantic
forces all the way to their
triumphant unification in the
confirmation of the existence of
this identity- Symphony #2 in D by Jean Sibelius.