Distribution Automatique

Saturday, August 9


Preoccupation-(effect of trauma)
causes a lack of flexibility in the
thought process. A lack of resonance
can be detected if much is present.
This will lead to a narrowness of
theme or an obssessive gathering of details.
A *mood*will surround the whole.

An argument for sollipsism.The world
as it exists (existed) for you
comesin to being with your birth. YOu
wear the shoe (the world) whether it
fits or not. Sollipsism is at one
pole of freedom (the outcome of one
direction of freedom).



Barthes' method of naming essays
defines an area of maximum tension.
The ambiguity of the term is isolated,
as are words in the language. Now
placed in the vulnerable position. The
essay comes to protect the word.The
same might be said of Stevens'


One thing can be said of a game: it
predicts with absolute certainty, the
emergence of a winner and a loser. One is
immediately tempted to say, well, we
didn't need a game to tell us this.
With this line of thought one is soon
led to the conclusion: no, you didn't
need a game, but you needed at least
the idea of a game, but you needed at least
the idea of a game. (The idea of a game
gives a form to an outcome).

The success of language can be
directly attributed to the fact that
words stimulate other words. This
is what Steve McCaffery has called
"a general economy."


The energy of this exchange, in the
long run, keeps increasing- and, as
with money, inflating. Since obtaining energy was a
part of initiating a language in the
first place