Distribution Automatique

Saturday, July 19

Kasey's links: even though I don't like bicycles at all, I like my new symbol better than the old Klein jar I had before (of which my friend the scientist said: nothing can get in and nothing can get out). Now I've been demoted to the second alphabetized group. I don't get to be with Stephanie, Nada, Patrick, Laura, Katie, Marianne, Cassie, Eileen, Ron, Drew, Gary, Jordan, Catherine, Tim, and Brian all of whom are friends of mine, but I do get to be with some great bloggers: Jim, Li, Chris, Christina, Amanda, Johanna, David, Jonathan, Mike, Deborah, Aimee, Joe and Jack many of whom are friends or hopefully soon will be. I did get fair warning, I have to admit. I guess if I don't get it together to change my template one of these days I'll find myself drifting into group three (lots of great bloggers there also!) But I love my template! I do admit it is difficult to read (don't know how and Laura can't figure out how to change it to the larger type) but not as difficult or dangerous as it would be to ride that rickety bicycle! All kidding aside, Kasey's links are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys and who could resist exploring for hours on end this cheerful, colorful, terrific menu?