Distribution Automatique

Friday, July 18


The quantification of time
forms only one cross section
of its changes and its essence.
Einstein's image for describing
relativity: "Spend an hour with
a pretty girl (he said), and it
feels like only a moment. Put
your hand on a hot stove for a
moment, and it feels like an hour."
At one point in history making love
was termed: "making time."

As there is an oscillation
between science and art
there is also an oscillation
between art and the street
(the marketplace).

Intervals of time vary in
quality as to how they
are remembered.The present
and past are linked according
to the outcomes of various
vectors. These vectors are
drawn together by intentions,
wishes and strong emotions.

In a very literal sense,
time is "created" by
experience.This includes
organic and inorganic
experience.this is sometimes
understood as meaning
"events." One of the current
centers of scientific interest
is to learn (now by computer
simulation) what occurred at
very early times in the
existence of physical reality.
There is another way that
experience creates time.This
is through intensity and
concentration- through focus.
To "see" something not
seen before is to bring it
into focus. The window of
attention is the window
through which one must pass to
come into another "dimension"
of time.

Music has been the most
successful human invention
for the "transport"
of human beings to
different temporal modes
of experience. Music is
a focussing of
intenstive attention on
a systematic fragmentation
of temporal experience. By
breaking time apart into
constituent elements, the
ordinary experience of time
is actually intensified.


"A certain amount of
time ago."

It is time that has fallen
around me
a form of silence
such that words
do not specify
at a distance
all at once.
A trememdous hush has
become louder than ever before...
still, it seems this country
now abusive, wants no isms.
Nor do I or and "I"
and that is true,my right
to establish my identity
is precious to me
but, then again, the trick is
there is no me
or there won't be, eventually
nothing to knit it together
and this I agree. Even
with all the historical
portraits, we don't remember
them, any of them: not Cain
or Adam or Zeus or Lincoln,
Sappho, Curie, Joan of Arc,
Eve, not any of them.

The benefits of sharing, also,
can be overemphasized. What,
indeed will happen?

Maybe this is becoming
vague because I am
preoccupied about something...