Distribution Automatique

Sunday, July 13


Write about talking as
"the talking cure"

365 days 365 pages
Every interval of time provides
the "subjective correlative"

Writing in the 20th Century is like living on
a roller coaster.Time itself is
changing so fast, meaning an awareness
of its value also increases as awareness

A poet's note for a series of poems over
a period of 365 days. Can include
real and imaginary documents. How to include
the imaginary documents.

During this period the poet feels stretched to
the limit in a moral conflict.

The diary idea, structured that way is
too rigid. I'm reaching for something
there, though. Poe's idea means to
simply begin at the beginning. McGann
on the value of footnotes. See...the
sea, as in the Holy See...Spreading out
your cards.

Poe- my heart laid bare-
my work laid bare

Face it- moments of writing
seized through some form of temporal
tactic. "Where would I find the time?"
Barrett asked (Ototole)

I look out at the "social world."
Yes, I see the terrible, monstrous headlines.
Yet every human being