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Monday, July 14

I have been invited to read at 21 Grand in the New Brutalism series, which is in Oakland. I am reading with Patrick Durgin on Sunday, August 10th at 7 p.m. Stephanie has promised to join me at the podium at some point to read from our postcard collaboration. Please pass the word because I haven't read in the bay area since 1990 and I can't wait to see everybody I know and meet everybody I don't.

One person I can't wait to meet is Catherine Meng. For one thing, she was too shy to meet me and come to a poet's party when she was here in New York. I love when poets are shy (I like the bold and brave ones too, but I like the shy ones better). Second, she has a habit of saying things like this.

"my favorite image on Kasey's link bar is Don Cheney's Diabetes Sucks. Those two look very troubled & sincere & from the 70's. Like all my favorite poets."

Another person I can't wait to meet is Cassie Lewis. Because she says things like this:

Friday, July 11, 2003
Last night I dreamed that all my friends gathered together to hold an
in order to convince me to get a new haircut.

- posted by Cassie @ 11:24 PM