Distribution Automatique

Saturday, May 24

Cassie Lewis...The Jetty is the author of several "Postcard Poems" books, including one with Stephanie Young. Two of her postcard poems are just out in Shampoo 17. If you're living- or going- to San Francisco, she has a reading with K. Silem Mohammed in the famous at home reading series in David Hadbawnik's apartment. Cassie Lewis is interested in collage! Here's one from her postcard collab with Stephanie:

Found Objects

I got to thinking about collage and whether
or not to practice it. Remembered how
when I made an Expresso book
called "Experiments" all I used
for the cover was a faded shirt
of this most gorgeous fabric, shimmery
on one side matte on the other. I stuck a
ripped square on the cover of each book.
Felt good to recycle this thing of beauty,
my old best shirt.


Friday, June 13, 7.30pm – K. Silem Mohammad and Cassie Lewis
Willl be reading at David Hadbawnik's reading series
at his apartment in San Francisco.

Public trans: From downtown San Francisco, take the 38 Geary
or the 31 Balboa, and get off at 35th Ave.
Driving: drive to 35th and Balboa, park. David's building is the big one
on the northwest corner of the street. Ring the buzzer for apartment
NOTE: the phone will be turned off after 8pm, so don’t be late!!!