Distribution Automatique

Friday, May 23


Am I making the same mistake? Tonight I see a similar selfishness. The stuff about babies- not asking about myself- nothing about F's feelings- Whimsy- the withdrawal-quick to anger- flirtatious with S- sutff about money- *watch this*- I feel afraid tonight that she's a lot like W- I thought this with the acting and t.v stuff- if she is, she won't understand- I must protect myself- got scared tonight when she suddenly got cold- also "announcing" "no abortion"- Special kind of object choice?

1) Don't accuse
2) decide if my needs are being considered
3) remember my own boundaries (money and things)
4) watch anger
5) don't be afraid to ask if she will do something
6) stop, look and listen- does she listen?
7) take your time
8) you can always make it alone
9) don't sentimentalize
10) look at positives too
11)don't overdramatize
12)be realistic
13) don't get down on yourself or J