Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, May 21


Reading Wobbling
Words do not allow you to attend to the specifics of the author's ego
The relationship to music
A (re)connection of the relationship between
words and music that does not require
the mechanics of creating sound
incidental sounds and thoughts become part of
the music
instead of comprehension-reading
raw reading- unrefined
"classless" categoryless reading
Valery quote in The Outlook for
Intelligence-poems made from words-not ideas
Relief from the inexorable rule of
one thing follows from another-
from discipline as an ordering principle
from completion as an ordering principal
relief from the literal, from the symbolic
from the puzzle
akin to the contemplation of constellations-
constellations without names
Return to the undifferentiated
the sea, forests of trees
"natural" in *that* sense

p.60 "knowledge was numbered now
Argument vinegar"
I'm feeling I understand this criticique of
pointed, but useless, specificity

Holding, retaliation and interpretation
Associations: I thought either I
saw something repugnant in that woman
(fair and browning blonde hair and stout)
or the dog read my thoughts and atttacked
me for it. 4 injections and more to come.

Aggression and retaliation- two cling
together in deep dissatisfaction,mutual
criticism and repugnance- they are
not through with each other
until each feels the lesson has
been taught

It was amazing how quickly that dog
came out of nowhere to attack me when
I thought that critical thoought about that
woman. Or is it the dog's simple
minded way of agreeing with me?

You hold on to be taught and use
the transitional object as a supporting
object so the holding can be continuous.

Imagination and the holding environment
the area of play in the cultural experience

Holding the dictionary says:
This is the closest thing we have
to a bible.

Chairs: the interpreter in the High
Bench- the writer in the dock, the
publisher is the lawyer and History is the
prosecutor.The jury are the readers.
The audience watches it on
television and talks about it during
the breaks.


Definition of the aritist's domain:
wild West of the imagination
where anyone can stake a claim