Distribution Automatique

Friday, May 23

(Between 6/75 and 3/76)

Objects- Self- Others

I know which piles to lift. I leave the objects in disorder and later try to translate why they were left in that specific order. This arrangement is not necessarily parallel to any series of actions performed at predictable intervals. If value is used as a gauge, the self is also evaluated because the relationship between the self and the object and the self and others must also be evaluated. Also the objects are viewed abstracted- as messages. My imagination chooses to dwell on the associations. The singular object separated from its relationship with the others becomes a totem to disorder. I freeze the possible action before its realization into reaction. The reaction becomes abstracted from the utililty of the object. The visualization of the object's image thus becomes primary to locating it. I don't reach for it visually or physically first, but mentally.