Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, April 8

Received three books from Bridge Street Books today (Rod Smith put out a list recently on the Poetics List)
and two books from Stephanie Young:

Lee Ann Brown, "The Sleep The Changed Everything" (Wesleyan)
'Now come the Naysayers

Some people feel

Sick for beauty"

Lytle Shaw, "The Lobe" (Roof)
"She was given to fits of coughing, and minor visits
from non-canonical saints. His radical veterinary operations
were a great success at court. They were the first to lost limbs
in the siege."

Tom Raworth, "Collected Poems" (Carcanet) (576 pages, with an index of first lines, and signed!-some signed copies may be still available)
a likely button of yes

all 'over' the world

Cassie Lewis and Stephanie Young, "Postcard Poems" (Poetry Expresso)
"and then she took
her long walk down
the hallway, was overheard repeating
'The young prince will go mad'"

"Be hospitable to strangers
Sometimes you may want to give away everything you have"

Del Ray Cross and Stephanie Young, "Postcard Poems" (Poetry Expresso)
"There was a line
in the sugar, of ants
and a line to cut the week in 2."

"he wants words dying in my
coffee with a cellphone laughing"