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Friday, April 11

I am trying to put into words my intuitive understanding of time. Also I am trying to find a verbal formulation of what I experience partly in a lexical way. As I have struggled with gaining some basic understanding of modern physics, I am grasping some inner connection with the verbal and the visual.The image I thought of yesterday and today: that time is being experienced within us as the linear is causal in the narrative sense- simultaneously we experience time as anticipitory excitement (expectation) which is future oriented- and also, the acausal and associative transformation via proximity (meaning by proximity-/typology formulation)

In the cosmological sense- the Heisenberg dualism may be resolved by positing that in the macrocosmic and microcosmic sense time is simultaneously swerving toward the past in the very broadest sense as it arches towards the future. Time is a spiral.

Its linear motion is simultaneously flowing "backwards" in the sense of its flowing around itself.

Time may be woven out of several strands of experience.. One strand (expectation) is future-focussed. Another, more associative, recalls. Another strand, at the very core neither remembers or expects. this strand interrupts, surprises, brings time to a halt. On a cosmological level this may mean that past and future bend inwards towards a present expanding at greater and greater accelerations. As gradually, once more, the entire future bends back on itself, history repeating itself for billions of years. Time as metaphor.

Einstein wrote to his old friend Maurice Solovine, who had asked what Einstein meant by the comprehensibility of the world. Einstein answered with a distinction. One can order chaotic events in arbitrary or conventional ways. This is quite different from discovering an order already present.

Not an order already present in language, but an order already present in language beyong that of its descriptive usage.

"Therefore the two processes, that of science and that of art, are not very different. Both science and art form in the centuries a human language by which we can speak about the more remote parts of reality,and the coherent sets of concepts as well as the different styles of art or diffferent words or different groups of words in this language." (Heisenberg)

Non narrative:moves fast, because life (reality) changes slower than perception senses is really going on- Doubt- uncertainty- demands structure- intuition demands spontaneity.