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Tuesday, April 8

-Heathens in Heat- has published an anonymous and fairly witty parody of a number of bloggers, obviously taking great relish in ridiculing my custom (see a recent post of Brandon Barr with a button of my design) of designing buttons for certain bloggers. The comic interview, admittedly slightly humorous in parts, is surprisingly fairly inoffensive until this part about dogs, which is brutal and unkind.

But there is, too, some delight to be taken in killing dogs in literature: they are after all roundly arrogant beings. Many dogs snarl and snap and bare their teeth—and they can bark at one in the most disagreeable way. What’s galling is they have NO IDEA how (1) stupid they look, (2) utterly irrelevant they are, (3) keyed up they are acting, (4) annoying and boorish they are (no one gives a shit what a dog thinks, despite how much they bark and snarl as if we did care [we do not care!]), and (5) they are violent, territorial, and (when not being aggressive) craven. I find them for these reasons to be foolish and reprehensible creatures. They also look stupid

I can grant this person's right to lightly mock a certain far far ahead of its time poetry movement with a few churlish gags, but dogs! How dare you?