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Sunday, October 24

Rev. William E. Alberts, Ph.D. is a hospital chaplain. Both a Unitarian Universalist and a United Methodist minister, he has written research reports, essays and articles on racism, war, politics and religion.

talking here-on *Counterpunch*- about GW Bush and
Faith-based Deceptions {click here}

via, the irrepressible, wood s lot (Mark Woods){ click here}
later today: notes on the *The Aztec Empire*
now on view at the Guggenheim
Both Mitch Highfill and Lori Lubeski
offered superb readings yesterday afternoon
at the Bowery Poetry Club. An amazing bonus:
reading by Joe Elliot and Mitch of a wonderful
collaboration they've been doing, based on
a book of riddles from the Middle Ages.
These riddles poems were so engaging
most of the audience (most notably, Nada Gordon
and Sharon Mesmer, ) could not resist enthusiastically shouting
out their "answers"
Ah, if you weren't, you shoulda been there!

from Mitch Highfill's recent chapbook *Koenig's Sphere*
from *Situations, New York*


"Try that with no arms
or legs, and in your head
what you're not supposed to
feel, taking shapshots at
the fountain, another
original idea- flutes
into headphones, zebra
stripes and white concrete.
excuse me, sir, do yo ahve
a light? Yes, I am only