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Saturday, October 23

coming soon ��������on *fait accompli*

Visiting or living in Manhattan? Definitely check out
the just opened sure to be blockbuster *The Aztec Empire*
at the Guggenheim Museum before the lines get
long-half the $18 admission ater 6pm on Friday night.
More on this soon...as well as
*Chain 11* (edited by Juliana Spahr and Jena Osman),
*Louis Zukofsky and the Poetry of Knowledge* by
Mark Scroggins (U of Alabama Press, 1998) {click here},
and *Metropolis: The Decline and Fall of the
Roman Empire* by Robert Fitterman (Edge Books, 2004) {click here}
*Koenig's Sphere* by Mitch Highfill (Situations, 2003)