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Thursday, October 28

Can't Wait

Less toleration of ambiguity in everyday life, more
craving for it in literature.

Speed of resolution of frustration in life,
however, makes it harder and harder to accept
uncertainty anywhere. The inability to absorb it
creates at the same time the craving. Substitutes are
sought. But as Freud frequently pointed out, an
enemy can't be slain in effigy.

When once suspense was the literary method
of choice in the use of ambiguity (or uncertainty)
now suspense is used as a sugar-coated or
aspertame-coated form of ambiguity. Instead of
depicting the fact that nobody knows what's going on
we are given the option of thinking- for awhile-
that nobody knows what's going on yet...

published in *Theoretical Objects*
(Green Integer, 1999)
More very soon about two books just out from *Avec*

>Mark Wallace's long awaited important new novel
*Dead Carnival*

"Mark Wallace writes llike
John Hawkes dreaming of
Paul Bowled having a gothic
nightmare." Ronald Sukenick(!!!!)

also just out from *Avec*,
from an excellent poet:

>Dennis Barone
*The Walls of Circumstance*
Friday, Oct. 22, 8:00 p.m.
Epic Arts Teahouse
1923 Ashby Ave. @ MLK, Berkeley
(Right across from Ashby BART)
$5-$10 sliding scale
EPIC Arts {click here}
Mary Burger performs poetry with piano, strings, and percussion accompaniment
Alex Cory presents Appalachian alt-country originals
Tanya Brolaski sings heartbreaking honky-tonk country