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Sunday, October 24

Notes from *The Aztec Empire* Show

Guggenheim Museum- E. 89th & 5th Avenue
Half price- $9 Friday after 6pm
Friday, October 15, 2004–Sunday, February 13, 2005

Since the truly fictive is only a relatively small part of fiction,
the "fiction" of fiction is itself a fiction.

The sequence of societal developmental phases.
A sculpture with layers of faces, one opening
out on the other by means of small doors,
like Chinese boxes.
The Aztec warrior is in the
shape of a bird, a armored angel.
Faces that are looking out at a world
invisible to ordinary consciousness,
available only to shamanic consciousness.

The "compelling" aspect of cruelty and
authoritarianism. Authoritarian domination.
A single word: power.

The sun is the origin of all that
is compelling. Energy- the
relationship between energy
and power.

Relief one
The 5 ages

Life-Death Figure
ca 1400-1520
Brooklyn Museum

Serpent with exposed
menacing teeth
chin sitting low to
the ground- overgrown
with vines-
Looking down into
another dimension
with insect/incisor teeth
over his teeth (fierce)

Passionate submission
to a greater power-
Bush's critics like
Pat Robertson-
who won't be robbed
of *their* private acess
to God- the ancient battle
for exclusive entitlement-
to God -access

Evil monsters play
a significant role in the
process of introducing brutality.

Dragons- and dominating'
cruelty- (Aztec aspect)
The horror of the open-mouthed
being- The "scream"

(Incredible sculptures)
The faces of dogs, rabbits, toads
looking out there at the "other"
dimension- locusts, grasshoppers,
fleas, also looking at the
same dimension.

The Aztecs- two classes- with wealth
-which must be exhibited- and
with no wealth permitted- the second includes
tradespeople and workers-
the far right dream?
The ultimate dream of all
addicts of power-
yourself and your slave/worshippers

the wind-god

Bearer with Mask {click here}

The origin of the Greek wind-god AILOS
on Tinos, Greece-windy Tinos, where
we escaped the scorching heat one summer
only to listen to the window-shutters
of our hotel room bang
throughout the night- finally I had to tie
them back with boating-twine purchased
at a local store

Anthropomorphic mask

The cutting edge of narrative often turns
to blood- and is fascinated by monsters.

notebook: 6/14/87
published in *The Boundary of Blur*

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Keith Haring
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Robert Smithson's art was very influenced
by his interest in Mayan and Aztec imagery.
Check out his many fascinating writings on
his visits to Mexico-
in particular his *Mirror Displacement* piece in
his collected essays:
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Smithson's films are also available to download and view on this excellent site!

Jerome Rothenberg's translations
of Aztec poetry, originally published in
*Technicians of the Sacred*

"in the bark

tree of old age

stone patterns: starting

from the roots they

reach the highest leaves"

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