Distribution Automatique

Thursday, June 3

notebook: 7/11/86

Forget it in order to remember it
At an opportune moment
I had the impression of walking in on someone's
Turbulant hypothesis
A word like this might drive one out
Content with roses
No one cares about
Not quite right: an image
Of blurred appears
On the right hand screen
No, someone else's costly dream,
Reality was like that, then
No one to bother you, ever again,
Drat it, mist, vapors, queens
Ennumerate specific matrix
No, describe appropriate abstract boundaries
No, slip into cross-weave of nascent forms
No, utter wisps of immediate fizz in workshop hallway

There: an alleyway disappears
And a set of intersecting mixtures fuzzes out
Begins with a diatribe against already outmoded heresies
Different times in different places
Fragrances, meanings, doubts
Certain collected articles, perhaps
Thousands of tiny items collected in disarray
At the edge of- dismissed.

A curio shop, a concatenation of selected souvenirs
Shelves arranged randomly, a light,
And memories buzzing around it like flies
In the night: a sensation of squeezing the rind,
That's why z's predominate
They sleep, disproportionate in the dictionary
A constructed proximity nears confusion
And, at long last
Acres of travelling trucks, norms blasting in unison
A map unfolding yields grammatical categories
A bifurcation of solids pursuades the shape
Of come to things, the airy, steady stream of heat
Finally divides gratification conveniently:
Here, the directions to the underground
As it has existed for centuries, gradually burrowing its way
Towards the surface where nothing changes.
One shaft of light is best: it pinpoints an exact time of leaving,
Where the center, parted from meaning,
Holds fast to the treasured detail
Where the proposal of welcome is gratified
By sudden recognition, where the seaweed is mixed
With innumerable types of illegible messages,
Float endlessly to the surface, in a cloud of indecipherable signs
Revealing the procedures that both divide and connect
That translate the frequencies between thing and thought