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Saturday, June 5

"How would I know about your life?...
There's a fine line between us
Such a fine fine line
There's a fine line between us
And it's always on my mind...
There's a fine line between us
All the way...
There's a fine line between us
Can't waste another day...
Such a fine line..."

The Cars
"Door to Door"

Free Sample

night or day
trapped or free
love or hate
friend or enemy
beautiful or ugly
happy or sad
empty or full
fast or slow
deep or shallow
true or false
rich or poor
sane or insane
rational or irrational
dead or alive
open or closed
lost or found
slow or fast
hopeful or hopeless
smart or stupid
best or worst
giving or taking
conservative or liberal
precious or useless
lonely or social
friendly or cold
famous or obscure
wanted or shunned
hated or loved
special or ordinary
genius or idiot
cool or square
hip or schmucky
tasteful or kitchy
him or her
gourmand or gourmet
classy or sloppy
hot or cold
sweet or sour
stoned or straight
boring or fascinating
success or failure
trippy or mundane
sophisticated or schlumpy
generous or cheap
masochist or sadist
soft or hard
shameful or carefree
slippery or steady
sly or frank
sexy or turn-off
wasteful or frugal
holy or sinful
less or more
fat or thin
thought of or unthought of
idea or thing
fat or thin
tall or short
sick or healty
sun or shade
round or square
algebra or geometry
promising or has been
in or out
up or down
inside or outside
on top of or below
dress or skirt
pants or shirt
edge or top
line or hole
one of us or one of them
goofy or graceful
brilliant or stupid
playful or careless
simple or complex
necessary or irrelevant
helpful or helpless
door or floor
staircase or elevator
umbrella or hat
brilliant or stupid
planful or careless
third or fifth
sweet or nasty
busy or lazy
quiet or loud
melody or rhythm
word or phrase
solid or gas
burning or wet
round or flat
tiny or huge
animal or vegetable
organic or inorganic
hollow or full
listen or speak
agree or disagree
right or wrong
spender or saver
tax or spend
true or false
real or unreal
house or home
starved or stuffed
smart or idiotic
deep or pointless
sense or nonsense
humorous or serious
well read or illiterate
honored or despised
enraged or relaxed
the same or different
chaser or chased
putrid or pure
pretty or plain
tortured or serene
helper or hurter
killer or saviour
healed or dying
faith or mistrust
optimist or pessimist
profundity or blather
talkative or quiet
mute or magnificent
prayer or curse
heaven or hell
sky above or mud blow
civilized or savage
sunny or shady
thirsty or quenched
praised or despised
this or that
something or nothing
mine or yours
ours or theirs
work or relax
listen or sing
play or record
bright or fading
birth or death
on or off
first or last
fahrenheit or centigrade
president or criminal
friend or foe
lover or hater
sex or celibacy
kiss or turn away
embrace or avoid
loved or unloved
held or unheld
sculpture or painting
poem or novel
paragraph or sentence
kill or be killed
boy or girl
sexy or drab
naked or clothed
event or dream
past or present
ocean or lake
sincerity or pretension
give or take
accuse or forgive
poetry or prose
faithful or faithless
suspicion or trust
courage or cowardice
shy or bold
simple or complex
accuser or accused
realist or abstract
language or formalist
surrealism or social realism
lonely or popular
preface or text
outside art or insider art
museum or gallery
installation or sculpture
psychotic or sane
paranoid or depressed
obsessive compulsive or arrogant vindictive
science or art
cool or square
hegemony or free market
fall or rise
cash or check
shiny or dull
old or new
ancient or modern
brilliant poet or total jerk
left or right
sloppy or neat
conventional or innovative
interesting or boring
first or last
remembered or forgotten
canonical or obscure
blog or website
publish or blog
question or answer
resident or guest
quick or slow
witty or ponderous
dreamer or driven
confident or insecure
helpful or hurtful
all or nothing
more or less
traitor or hero
panacea or pest
good or bad
flying or landing
spontaneous or stiff
discretion or flamboyance
skirt or dress
mineral or plant
animal or vegetable
sadist or masochist
exhibitionist or voyeur
joy or sorrow
happiness or tears
lakes or oceans
mountains or ocean
below or above
stop or start
continue or break off
follow or lead
cut or attach
turn or stay
come or go
hold back or give in
stay or go
add or subtract
change or remain the same
continue or vary
develop or maintain
hide or emerge
tickle or pat
seem or be
old or young
then or now
after writing this I came
across "Quarrels between the Purists and the purists"
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it's in the air or it isn't anywhere