Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, June 2

Early in the day,
I visualized a mirror,
as the voice of
the typewriter, but
that type of writer's
voice, originating
letters heard in
reflected freequency.
"I hope *you* heard this,"
and, yet satisfied,
sadist fried. Flutter
hamong the jornicles,
lift salmon once from
Cachuco. fold in
z-n butter, mix,
add tractor, subtract
contractor (the one thing=
yjr pmr yjomh.
dyo;;. ejprbrt fryrt, omrd
yjod vpfr yjptpihj;u.
od 1/2sty;u oyd pemrt/)
Properties are limited,
visions bondles.

Fission fondles paper.
The herd is watt eyes
lissome too. And that

8/31/86 (a;iec of the pi.)