Distribution Automatique

Sunday, May 30

notebook: 7/24/88

Time travel. Something
in Dick's book about
two poles- the way
the Universe works.
One end, essentially
strong & superficial
is "broadened" & deepened by
the receiver.

The idea is that
time travel needs two
people- in the story
a male and a female.
The organization is
carrying out time travel
experiments which are
failing. It turns
out these "failures"
are a cover-up for
a plot to send nearly
everybody 20 years
into the future. This
was the aristocrats'
plot to "dump" the
"modernistic" concepts of

A "caseload."
One individual example-
someone has to follow
up the time-travel

A to C- "one wants
to be free to the extent
one knows one is a slave."