Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 3

notebook (poem, untitled): 1990

All's well that ends well.
This story has a thousand endings.
One is narrowed into a corner.
Another funnels itself out into the sun.
The thought. Somehow, the trail leading
To the word. In the exactitude...
You were skipping. There were devices.
It was even, evening, Eve. It was loud.
It was aloud, it was allowed. It was a.
There were diaries. These tunnel into also.
This was listening. And if not, what.
Now coming into the suspense. Possible to start
From the need. Possible to start from the
Need to hear. Possible to start out from
The need to hear. Possible to hear.
Possible once. The thought...the trial leading
To the crime. If you could specify
This once. In a sense, leading
Backwards, or weaving the two together
Shuttling back and forth.
Not so crafty to hide them.
These were displayed with curious care.
Now the bookcase. Now the sudden opening
Of time. Now the amount. Now the
Timetable, the schedule, the instructions.
The ornaments, please. Behind the bookcase.
"Look in the back of my brown slacks.
And one Socony station." To let the stop go,
This is all that was wanted.
All aboard! All a bored who? All
Abroad whatever you wanted done with it.
Whatever you wanted to have done with it.

"Il pleut. Il pleut dans mon couer
Comme il pleut dans la ville."
Il est un memoir.
Il est un memoir d'une histoire
Da beaucoupo des gens.
Now, people are streaming in from everywhere.
There are millions of planets in the solar system.
Come in. Over.

Caught. Caught again. Caught again empty.
This constant interruption for stories.
An lllustration. Perhaps no one's sure.
A story can still exist. Can you say
One? What do you remember about the last one?
Were you only a bystander, or part of the
Event yourself? How would you define the
Difference? Can you supply us with enough
details to convince us you were there?
Can you supply us with enough details to
Convince us you were there?
Can you supply us with enough details to
Convince us you are actually here?
Your name? Occupation? Telephone number?
Social security number? Your religious affiliation?
What is the month of your birth?
Where were your parents born?
Do you have sisters or brothers?
Your current bank references.
Did you vote in the general election?
Are you registered to vote in primaries?
Have you served in the armed forces?
Have you been arrested for a felony?
Married? Single? Divorced?
Do you suscribe to one of the following
Nationallly circulated magazines?

Come in. Come in.
Climate control. Do your hear me?
Yes, I read you. Coming in loud and clear.
Thank you. Over.

The sun. Glossolalia.
Glossolalia of moonlight and sunlight.
Soon light.
The harbor.
Outa here.