Distribution Automatique

Sunday, March 28

Seeing the branchy brown trees in the
park across the street soon to spring
to leaves and buds, listening to the
children play in the small schoolyard
on the other side, it occurred to me that
if people realized our job of parenting
didn't end with children, or even other
adults in need at times, it extends to every
growing thing, even every living
thing at times, then life's energies might shift away
from destructiveness and towards growth.
Still Kali has two faces and conflict
never ends.

Nonliving things need care too, and
respond to it (read Ponge).

In any case. Toni's idea from Seth
that "you create your own reality"
is true; it's just that the reality
around us changes isomorphically
with our own transitions; see
*It's A Wonderful Life*. How could
Jimmy Stewart have been so right
wing and come to represent caring
so much in that movie?